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UPDATE 2014 FEB.16:
We are now making this compilation available as a free download as The Voice Project's Pussy Riot fund is closed:
**The fund is now closed. Our great thanks to everyone who donated for your support, your help was invaluable, or as described by Nadya, "a miracle." We are thrilled that the women came through this ordeal safe and strong, and will be on to do more great things. Again, thank you.** The Voice Project voiceproject.org/pussyriot/

UPDATE 2013 DEC. 30:
Following the release of Pussy Riot members Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, we have received confirmation from Hunter Heaney, executive director at The Voice Project, that they are still gathering and administrating funds for the future project Pussy Riot members are planning to implement in the coming weeks. We will keep you updated about the possible evolution regarding the funds you are donating.

This is what Hunter Heaney wrote on Dec. 28 2013:
"Nadya and Masha are working to set up a new prisoners rights group as you may have read about which will be seeking crowd funding, and we've requested a donation link there to direct people to when it is set up, though it's not yet up and running. This group will likely be separate from Pussy Riot. My suggestions would be to continue to send funds as they are for now until such a time as we get either different instructions from them or the new org is set up, at which time either funds can continue to come to us and we can make the donation there, or the donation button can be changed to go to the new organization if that is possible from their side, or we could simply transfer 100% to the collective to support future activities, but since things are in flux now, perhaps leaving things as they are until things with the newly released women are a bit more flushed out, which should happen fairly quickly I think. In terms of public information for now, I would just say the funds will be used to support Pussy Riot."

female:pressure presents

Across a variety of countries, these electronic music producers of female:pressure offer their music in solidarity with Pussy Riot calling for freedom for imprisoned Pussy Riot members Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina. We have heard that they may be set free, and hope that this effort increases exposure for their cause and celebrates their liberation.

All money raised from this compilation will be donated directly to The Voice Project who is managing the International Support Fund for Pussy Riot (voiceproject.org/pussyriot/)

Please give as generously as you can in the name of solidarity, justice and equality.

About female:pressure
female:pressure is an international database and support network of women in the fields of electronic music and digital art: musicians, DJs, producers and performers, vocalists, composers, visual artists, booking agents, label owners, researchers and academics in these fields. We have over 1300 members in 58 countries.

About The Voice Project
The Voice Project is managing the international support fund for Pussy Riot to aid with legal efforts to secure the freedom of the imprisoned members of the group, to meet the security, care and support needs of Nadya (Nadezhda Tolokonnikova) and Masha (Maria Alyokhina) while they are incarcerated in the labor camps as well as care for their young children.


released December 11, 2013

01. AGF (DE/FI) - Ice Breaker (Pussy Riot Solid Version) 4:26
02. Ipek Ipekcioglu feat. Asia Karajan (TR/CY/DE) - Atonal Resistance 5:42
03. Gudrun Gut (DE) - Mach Mich Gut 3:39
04. SciFiSol (US) - Nikki 2:33
05. Olivia Louvel (UK/FR) - Doll Divider 2:57
06. Caro C (UK) - V To The Dub (original wake up mix) 3:01
07. Skr3amy (FR) - Keeping You There 5:24
08. Anna Bolena (IT/DE) & Lady Maru (IT) - Rivolta 4:32
09. chra (AT) - where is Nadeshda Tolokonnikova? 3:08
10. Sonae (DE) - entmutigt sillageintemporel 2:38
11. Alice Rose (DE) - Letting Go 4:52
12. Jennifer Touch (DE) - Fashion 5:23
13. A BAD MAN (UK) - Small Caverns And Bright Machines 6:46
14. Viy (IT/UK) - Cries And Blisters 6:38
15. Xyramat (DE) - Open the doors for all pussy riots 4:49
16. Vera Bremerton (IT/UK) - New Day 5:25
17. Electric Indigo (AT) - Waiting 12:08

Mastered by AGF



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female:pressure Berlin, Germany

female:pressure is an international network of women in the fields of electronic music and digital art: musicians, DJs, producers and performers; vocalists; composers, visual artists; booking agents; label owners; promoters; researchers and academics in these fields. We have over 1300 members in 58 countries.
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Track Name: AGF (DE/FI) - Ice Breaker (Pussy Riot Solid Version)
ice breaker
there is so many ways
how ice can break
(between people)
ice breaker
Track Name: SciFiSol (US) - Nikki
See Nikki burn
With a cigarette he gave to her
Something to say
Something to say
Nothing is real

Thief of fire
Shot out of the screen
Destined to be reprogrammed

Nothing is real
So deadly, So deadly a danger
Something to say, something to say
Nothing is real outside
Video video video
Video world made flesh

Destined to be reprogrammed
Video video video
Video world made flesh
Nothing is real outside
Track Name: Vera Bremerton (IT/UK) - New Day
Do what you will. How can I blame your nature? I must obey
I am expendable, an organ full of useless blood, of pleasure
You own my fear, fear as an ideology, endless blades of fear
Do what you say, I know you want to hear me scream until you're done
(and the moment I'm silent I no longer exist)
Like burning tears over a desecrated land I'll disappear
Blinded and lost, that's the only way you will ever desire me
but I'll see a new day...
Hail a new day! Hail a new day! Hail a new day!
Mangled and torn, my flesh will never rest in peace
but I'll live in a new day...
Hail a new day! Hail a new day! Hail a new day!
Sacred, secret sunshine of a new day.